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Kerala Food: An Extract

An exquisite excerpt for the food lovers!

Wandering Mirages

Indian Food: A Historical CompanionIndian Food: A Historical Companion by K. T. Achaya

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Liked only two sections in the book: the description of pre-aryan food habits and the section on regional cuisines. Wanted to try and reproduce an extract on Kerala food for my blog. I hope all foodies find this to be a delight and that the keralites find it as nostalgic as I did. So here goes:

Kerala Food

Five distinct groups live in the state of Kerala, and each has a distinctive food list. Let us take the ancient community of Syrian Christians first.

The rice appam, a pancake also called vella-appam, is common to all Keralites, eaten with a meat stew by Syrians, and with an aviyal of vegetables by Nampoothiris and Nairs. Syrians favour the kal-appam, baked on a stone griddle rather than a clay one. The

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